Gather around
the Campfire.

Your story begins here.

It begins with a spark.

Welcome to Campfire, a Youth launchpad that empowers you with real-world experience and ignites your passion for entrepreneurship, design innovation, social enterprise, volunteerism and creative storytelling.

Campfire is a partnership by the National Youth Council, *SCAPE, and Tribal Worldwide Singapore.

Solve real problems


Gain real-world experience


Learn from Braintrust Advisors

Learn from
Braintrust Advisors

Every campfire starts
with a strong foundation.

  • 00/
    The Campfire Experience

    6 Sept – 15 Oct ‘21

  • 01/
    Set The Fire Bed

    Begin your 6-week journey with a social problem-statement assigned to your team.

  • 02/
    Gather Firewood

    Get your creative gears turning and brainstorm novel ideas through
    2 weeks of accelerated learning.

  • 03/
    Build Fire Structure

    Bring your team’s ideas to life in a proposal with the help of Tribal mentors and Braintrust Advisors.

  • 04/
    Light The Fire

    Let your team’s proposal take centre stage in a pitch to clients.

  • 05/
    Keep The Fire Burning

    If your team’s proposal gets shortlisted, you’ll get a chance to launch your ideas. After graduation, why not pass on the spark by returning as an alumni-mentor!

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